Starting a journey without knowing the destination.

TLDR; I was recently told I would be made redundant 😮, created a website to showcase skills 🤓, document ideas and adventures 💪 to create a window on my life and what might happen next 😎.

Here I am, day one of a new adventure 🤠.

Yesterday I was told I would be made redundant after working at E.ON Energy in various digital and project roles for 7 years (see CV here) it was unsettling for about 24hours before I got my 💩 together and saw the bigger picture.
More on that in this post.

I am trusting in all of the people who say…

“It was the best thing that ever happened to me”

generic person looking back on redundancy

So if this leads somewhere weird I blame you people.

Basically, I am on a “quest” to find purpose again. I got a bit lost and the most annoying thing is that I did not have a plan.

Why do I think this is an adventure?..

The short answer is I do not have any idea where this is going to lead. Nor have I ever created a website before or been this public about my life.

The last time I started something with no experience or plan I ended up sailing across the South Atlantic in 3 huge storms with a group of fellow amateur sailors 😱.
So that tells me this adventure is going to be fun, scary, life-changing and worthwhile 👍. More on that story in this blog series.

So what’s the plan what will people see and do?...

I will be creating varied content on topics related to my work experience but also sharing my passion for adventure, food and fitness.
To do this I will be looking for new novel ways to blend these things together for your amusement.

The hope is this will achieve a few things:

  • Inspire people to find and frame their own adventures
  • Make some new friends along the way
  • Get better at creating digital content
  • Demonstrate what I’m good at in my career
  • Discover a new purpose
  • Find or create a new job that links these things together

For the business-related topics, I plan to create free, give away materials that I would use in my day to day work.
If you would like me to focus on your business or a problem you have then please get in touch.

I will be mushing fitness and adventure together in a hope to keep it interesting.
I will also share some planners, frameworks and sources of information I find useful to give you a short cut to your own goals.

That’s it! Blog one done.
Well done me and you for sticking with me. Time for a brew me thinks ☕.

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