Free gym schedule for post lockdown lifting

My primary goal for exercise is to be fit for anything so if an adventure comes up I can say yes and be confident I have the strength and endurance to take on the challenge. Each 8-week cycle I pick a different focus. This time its strength and power.

I’ve been a fitness fan all my life so I have discovered what works for me and what is a waste of time. That is why I have selected these sessions for my this 8-week cycle.

I am not an expert nor an athlete (I wish) I’m just sharing what I’ve learned and how I find it works for me.

First, here are some basic tips that will help you use the plan and make the most of your sessions.

Rest and food. These are as important if not more so than the workout itself. That is why the plan incorporates exercise at different times of day to allow for maximum rest and give the maximum time between the most taxing sessions.

Eat with the next session in mind. Currently, I am in a “bulk phase” so my diet is sort of relaxed. I eat with my next workout in mind, not the one that has just gone. This is so I can fuel and repair to maximise my energy for the next session.

Lifestyle. This plan is selfish, it fits my lifestyle so mould it to suit yours. For example, I know I am moody and tired after squats or deadlifts that’s why I have selected certain days and times for these sessions so they do not impact my lifestyle or work.

Cardio days. These are used to keep my engine going (historically I’m more of a runner than a lifter), burn calories or used as active recovery. If you have a smartwatch or heart rate monitor you are aiming for “Zone 2” and training for no longer than an hour at a steady pace. If you follow me on Strava you will see I ignore my own advice.

Training blocks. I work in 6-8 week blocks then have a full “decompression” week. That includes taking a week off supplements. Listen to your body by tracking your mood and energy levels. This combination will let you know when to take some time off but I do aim for 6 weeks minimum. If by week 4 you are struggling tapper your workouts.

Document. Keep a diary, track; mood, energy, sessions, weight lifted, cardio performance, food and supplements without it you have no reference of performance or achievement.

Weigh-in and measure up. Do this at the start of each cycle so you can track progress. You may not lose weight because you are getting bigger. Use a tailors tape measure or bits of string and measure the following:

  • Biceps
  • Chest (at nipples men or under boobs women)
  • Waist (at belly button)
  • Thighs (at thickest point)

You can chuck all these stats into some online tools to calculate BMI, and body fat %.

Finally! Here is the fitness plan. I’ve added links to the quickest videos I can find to demo the lesser-known exercises to save you any more tedium.

Now over to you, activate beast-mode and GO!

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