Isolation ideas – Crowdsourcing things to do together whilst we are apart

TLDR: go here, add a thing and try a thing.

When we got locked down I created this crowd collaboration board of events and ideas to try whilst we are in isolation. Amongst them you will have the opportunity to meet someone new, create a new skill, or discover something weird.

I have tried some awesome and odd things to stay occupied and test the boundaries of our situation. These include aerobics, acrobatics, virtual darts, quizzes, and creating my own crazy golf course.

Digital technology has the ability to connect us in ways we never even considered but we are learning fast.

There are events popping up all over the internet and app stores too and I for one do not want to miss out.

So I wanted to collate the ideas and events into one place and leave it open for all of you to do the same. So take a look, try something, add your own ideas and share your experience. Here is the Trello board let me know what you think.

I hope you find it useful and hopefully I will see you in an event or virtual game.

As my Nan says if you can’t be good, be careful 😉

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