1 mile an hour every hour for 24 hours

Creating adventure on our doorstep by completing a different kind of marathon

On Friday 29th May starting at 5pm we will be running a very different kind of Marathon.

Our mission is to run 1 mile an hour every hour for 24 hours!

With a top-up 2.21 miles to reach the marathon distance.

Raising money for charity around the clock.

Along with my wife Yvonne, we will be taking on this lockdown challenge to raise vital funds for a local charity “me&dee“. A charity we have supported for many years.

Together we will run one mile, on the hour, every hour for 24 hours starting on Friday 29th May at 5pm.  By the end, we will of each completed our first ever marathons’.

The challenge has been inspired by Adventurist and Poly-jobist Beau Miles who created and completed the challenge himself about 1 year ago in Australia.
Ever since we have wanted to take on the challenge ourselves and now is the perfect time.
Especially now in the UK, we are allowed to exercise as much as we want under the new government guidance.
I guess they did not have this in mind when setting the rules but we have picked some quiet routes and will, of course, adhere to social distancing.

In the first couple of hours, we will be topping up the miles so that by the end of the 24 hours we will each have completed the marathon distance of 26.21 miles.
Something neither of us has ever done before!

Yvonne is looking forward to joining me on an adventure.
For a change, this one is very accessible and she is much more prepared than I am as she runs 5k most days!
In particular, we cannot wait to see what it’s like running during the twilight hours.

We will be posting photos and videos live during the 24 hours on our fundraising pages and social media channels so you can follow along.
You can track progress by following my Strava account too.

Jim’s social links
Yvonne’s social links

We know times are tough for everyone right now, but, please donate whatever you can to support this amazing charity or one of your own or just come along for the ride to help us complete our marathons’.

Some more information about the me&dee Charity

me&dee has a simple mission, to ensure families going through difficult and uncertain times are gifted with memories they can treasure, never losing sight of what truly matters. 

At me&dee we give memory making holidays for adults and children who face a life-changing, life-shortening or terminal conditions. By donating, you will become a memory maker.

Because it’s these special moments shared with the ones we love, no matter how complicated circumstances may be, that become the precious of all.

Thank you for supporting us.

If you want to support a different cause

If you would like to support your own charity or a different cause please go ahead but please so share the news with us so we can see how this challenge is making an impact.

For international fundraising, I would personally recommend donating to UNICEF via my sailing teams’ fundraising page. Below explains some more about the round the world yacht race and our goal.

“A leading international event, the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race is continuing its successful partnership with Unicef UK, the world’s leading organisation for children.

Please support Team Punta del Este, her race crew and Skipper “Jeronimo Santos Gonzalez” in reaching our team target of £33,000 in aid of Unicef as we race around the world. These much-needed funds will make a lasting difference to the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children”.

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