Perspective, reflection and progress – 10 days later

Comfort is the enemy of progress

P.T Barnum

TLDR: What I have learned and put in to practice in the 10 days since I received my redundancy notice. Don’t get comfortable, stay in control, keep the pace and what have I been waiting for. Get on with it!

A lot can happen in 10 days!

I have learned once again that comfort is actually dangerous. You get complacent, delay starting things and gather a lot of physical and mental baggage you do not need.
The good thing about potentially life changing/challenging news is that it does is make you focus and cut out the noise, you quickly find out:

  • What is important
  • How to act
  • How to get out of your own way
  • Focus on the task
  • To trust yourself
  • Identify the first step and take it

I quickly realised that I have been getting in my own way for too long and relying on others or perfect situations to get started.

For example, nearly a year ago I watched Beau Miles complete his 24 hour Marathon running 1 mile per hour every hour for 24 hours. I remember being inspired and wanting to do it myself. I shared the video with loads of friends told them about my plans then…did nothing.

Why? 100’s of excuses like social plans, tiredness, I need to make it an event and so on. Basically, I built it up until it seemed too big to start.

Thankfully now I have got out of my own way. Created a charity event and published it. No going back now. Find out more about the event and how to support in this blog post.

The same thing applies to creating my own website.

I told myself a story that it would be hard work, I’d need to learn coding and I did not have the skills to pull it off. So I guess what, I avoided it and put it off.

Then I started on the wrong thing (procrastination finds bad paths on purpose).

I focused on the name which now I know doesn’t matter, can be changed and ends up in endless loops. Then a mate said “just use your name”. Ping.

Thanks Ross, your years of practice at beating procrastination and finding the best next action have definitely paid off.

It took less than 1 working day to buy a domain and create the foundation pages and first post for this site. 8 hours and zero coding.

Why did I wait so long? It was important or urgent to me at the time.
Nor did I realise how beneficial and fun it would be.

The first step is always hardest and sometimes in the wrong direction but then you find your way and get momentum then you’re on your way.

Sometimes things snowball but just go along for the ride then gather your thoughts and figure out what is urgent vs important and forget the rest. This helps you focus on what needs doing now and next. You can even plot them on a matrix if you are visual like me.

Read my post about how to use the urgent vs important matrix to organise your tasks.

By learning and taking my own advice I now have this growing website with over 20 pages of content and over 5000 words (at time of writing). With another 5000 drafted and scheduled.

I’m planning 2 new adventures, I’ve updated my CV, applied for a bunch of jobs, got some interviews, tidied and dusted off my social media accounts and I was thrown a life line from my employer in the form of a 6 month secondment.

This means I now have until the new year to find and start a new role.
A big relief given the current crisis however, I am not allowing myself to get comfortable again.

Tim Urban is the man when it comes to overcoming procrastination. Here is his Ted Talk and his blog “Wait but why” I wonder if he came up with the name before starting it?

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