Crew diary – Race across the South Atlantic Ocean – day 2

24th October 2019 โ€“ Race day 2 โ€“ You wanted action!   

I am fighting off periodic bouts of seasickness with a trio of remedies (I have no idea which if any work).  

The first is an acupuncture band on my wrist, the second are actual pills (cyclizine) and the third are ginger vitamins.

Oh no four actually! lol Esteban (Neuroscientist) recommended a patch for behind my ear so I can’t pass on that advice.

On deck it is raining and very windy with very dull grey skies.  

Moody weather approaching

On our watch, Ryan declared we did the “most sail changes on a watch ever”!

We currently seem to get the brunt of the work vs the other watch but I’m sure it will balance out plus I like the action!  

Hereโ€™s how it went:  

  1. Reefed down to Reef 2 twice (this means we reduced the size of the main sail)
  2. Hoisted Yankee  (the big sail on the front of the boat)
  3. Dropped Code 3 and packed it (another large sail on the front “bow” of the boat)
  4. Hoisted Code 2 tried peeling this time and it worked (never done that before)  
  5. Dropped Yankee 
  6. Took Reef 2 out and 1 in  
  7. Took Reef 1 out  (main sail now back to full size)
Struggling to complete the reef as the wind fights us

I went up the mast to help with securing Reef 2 which is not easy to do. I need longer arms! The easiest part is falling off on to the deck. Bruise number 1. ๐Ÿ˜Š 

Since leaving we consistently seem to have 2 or more of our watch suffering from the green-eyed monster which keeps the rest of us busy on deck. 

At one point I was on the Bow (front of the boat) pulling the Yankee 3 down on my own!

Trying to stop the from going over board as the wind catches the fabric and re-inflates the sail which sets sends it soaring like a kite with me attached!

Maybe I will need the recommend 5k calories per day after all! 

On the Spinnaker hoist (largest sail at the front), we nearly lost the lazy sheet (a rope) under the boat but managed to stop it just in time before it wrapped on the keel or worse the rudder.

Mary checking the Spinnaker lines

I also got a good slap round the head by the lazy sheet whilst it was flogging.
We have lots to work on in the debrief.  

Great food served today by DW and I am beginning to eat more which is great because the food is spot on.  

Did feel sorry for DW though and I am beginning to dread mother watch (where you cook fro everyone all day) as it was very hot below deck and he was suffering from seasickness too, but he still managed a great veggie bolognese with plenty of leftovers to get us through the night watch.  

The night watch was a lot calmer (thank f*#k)!  

Saw our first flying fish (thankfully not on deck) also spotted a shooting start and DL (keen astronomer) pointed out the Southern Cross.

This is all amazing and part of why I am here.  

We are currently 2nd place with a following wind.  

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