Crew diary – Race across the South Atlantic Ocean – day 3

25th October 2019 – Race day 3 – Salty stories!   

We have started to head back North, and we are consistently “running” at 12 knots and re-joining the rest of the packs towards the “rhumb line”.  

We know team “Qingdao” were with us but team “Dare to Lead” went even further South!? 

We have passed team “WTC Logistics” and now have team “Sanya” on the horizon. It’s great when you have a visual reference to chase after. Everyone steps up a gear and gets focused on their jobs.

The sea state and wind are much more consistent which helps everything and everyone on board.  

We also had our first “happy hour” (and a half lol). Jeronimo looked like he was a member of Daft Punk or Robocop because he appeared from the companionway all in black wearing the “helming helmet” which looks like an aerodynamic cycling helmet with a welding visor on the front 😊.  

He updated us all on the race positions and conditions and reminded us not to break any equipment as we will get a time and/or point penalties for it which negates all our hard work. 

We have a “secret weapon” on board in the form of Andres computer model (what do you expect he works at Mckinsey 😊) but it seems to work and gives some good options of how to get ahead.  

Antonio is another epic Chef. We are very lucky. He created a vegetable Paella and baked a Chocolate Orange cake. He even made a remedy for sore throats with Ginger and Lemon.  

I am writing this as DW gets undressed and ready to climb into his bunk above. I won’t describe the scene any further than that but I ask him to take snap for me.

You do not want to see what I can see!

Talking of DW he told us about how his last ocean race came to a dramatic end with their boat being shipwrecked off the coast of South Africa because it got grounded and dragged by the wave action towards the beach. The whole crew were eventually rescued by helicopter and boat to boat transfer! Which was hampered by a huge Kelp field! Which made rescue very difficult. Some of the wreckage is still on the beach!

Another “Salty” story that was about how they narrowly missed Gough Island (we will be approaching in about 6 days time hopefully not at night) it is unmanned, unlit and not very well-plotted so we need to give it a wide berth in the pitch-dark. All adds to the drama.  

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