Crew diary – Race across the South Atlantic Ocean – day 4

26th October 2019 – Race day 4 – Sun, music and a good whipping!   

Today I kicked off happy hour with my football hooligan inspired chant about our boat “Punta del Este”. It was filmed too and gave everyone a good laugh 😊

It was a very sunny afternoon and I was on “spare hands” which meant I could help others where help was needed but otherwise you have nothing to do. So, I cleaned myself up a bit and got some better sleep as a result.  

Nige needed some help rigging a “barber hauler”. I was like sure thing Nige, I definitely know what that means??.

I was passing them a rope when WHACK! I got whipped by the lazy sheet on my arm and then again by the shackle on my foot due to the helm watching us and losing their course. Fuck that hurt! Teaches me for helping out lol.  

Diego powered up the Bluetooth Speaker and shared some of his Columbian Folk music with us (Nige is a big fan). At one point we had a Ukulele on deck with DL and Ale playing. It sounded so good watching the waves as the sun started to dip into the Sea. 

Nige taught Sadie and DL how to create Sail Ties out of old lines too.  

Sunset started with our first Gybe in the dark! My job was resetting the preventer’s.

(no pressure just got to tie a perfect Bowline in the dark with everyone watching and waiting to hear that the Boom is secure and prevented from swinging is 900kg over to take their heads off, no pressure at all)!  

I also had a sort ½ tethered Man Overboard situation on the Bow trying to re-rig the secondary preventer and having to lean out to run the line.
I was pumped full of adrenaline after that so it was hard to sleep.  

I used the “Bra” for the first time last night. So, named because DW found a Balaclava on deck and wrongly identified it as someone’s Bra. So, from now on Bras are Balaclavas.
The madness is coming.
Thanks, Simon K for the lend of your “Bra” to keep me warm during the night watches lol.  

I am on “Mother” watch tomorrow which means cooking 3 meals + bread + cake and plenty of caffeine for all 23 on board.
Big shift! I started soaking the porridge for breakfast at 3am.  

During the night there was big excitement as we could see 3 or 4 other boats before we Gybed into 2nd place behind team Sanya. 

I thought how good that must look on the race tracker to all our supporters following us online.  

It was about 3:30am when I smiled and looked up at the Stars and thought of my Wife and Mum watching us at the same time. It feels like the Truman show lol.  

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