Crew diary – Race across the South Atlantic Ocean – day 5

27th October 2019 – Race day 5 – Mother Day!

Up at 6am with Graham today to prep the breakfast for all 23 crew to be ready at 06:30 for the watch that has been on shift since 3am.

It was then non-stop until about 9pm!  

Prep, cook, serve, clean, repeat x 3 + drinks + pumping the bilges bloody relentless!  

For lunch, we created roast sweet potato and carrot soup from scratch.
You try roasting 4kg of Sweet Potatoes in an oven smaller than the one you have in your first flat, that has no fan and only half its burners working!  

Lunch prep started at 8am and we completed it just in time for happy hour staring. Phew!

To get a bite “Chefy” we topped the soup with grated cheese, cracked black pepper and a drizzle of olive oil for presentation points 😊.  

Graham had some great ideas about how to speed up the cooking and speed up the service to 23 crew! 

After lunch, it was clean up and prep time again ready for the evening meal.

I found my Clipper tea bags that I had stashed in my bag and made a proper “northern brew”. 
I also treated a few of my fellow Northerners to the same.
Mary and DH appreciated it (the tea has been pretty poor so far).  

Dinner was green Thai curry and we created an additional side of “Asian Coleslaw” (thanks to Nancy for the recipe).  The crew gave us 10/10 with a nomination for best dish! 😊  

Dishing up Green Thai Curry for 23

I popped up on deck briefly for happy hour which started with us singing Kumbaya (don’t ask). The weather was beautiful (a bad day to be stuck in the Galley).  

The crew also spotted a Whale diving with its huge tail in the air very close to the boat (apparently), I also missed this whilst baking bread. 
Then a pod of Whales was spotted the starboard (right) side a bit further away, blowing plumes of sea spay and no doubt Whale mucus in the air. I did see and smell this lol.  

Whale watching

Happy hour also included a game of boat-related Charades.
I was nominated first (facepalm) my chosen object to act out was a life raft.
I was time pressured (30 seconds) and so tried to act out the first word by giving birth. Why?
People were either too confused or busy laughing to answer.
Sportingly, I got another chance and my team got 0.5 points.
Phew! This was of course filmed 🙁

When it was Graham’s turn, his boat part to act out was “Bow Sprit” he simply leaned forward with one arm stretched out in front of him and everyone got it immediately!

“Gramming” was born

We now have a new dance move called “Gramming” (Americans pronounce Gra-Ham as Gram) [Shrug]. I suppose Gra-hamming doesn’t sound as good.    

Bed for me at 10pm but I wanted to be on deck with my watch and the amazing night sky that was on show, but storms are forecast so I’d better get rested and recharged.  

David H “Gramming” at the bow

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