Crew diary – Race across the South Atlantic Ocean – day 6

28th October 2019 – Race day 6 – Death by cheese!

Mother watch meant I was excused from the night watched and I slept until 7 am!

I hung around in the galley with Graham as I was not due on watch until 11 am.

It turns out he used to be a biochemist, triathlete and marathon runner!

He told me that he has taken cod liver oil consistently since his thirties. 
Based on the fact that Graham, at the age of 72, can now join an ocean race I am going to take his advice.  

He also shared with me a quote from Alice in Wonderland he keeps in his head whilst doing endurance races

“Begin at the beginning, and go on till you come to the end: then stop.”

Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland Or I prefer Graham, Punta del Este, South Atlantic.

I did not know it at the time but I would come to use the same sentence allot during the race and even now every time I am running or out on my bike – Thanks Graham 😊

The other benefit of coming off Mother watch is that you have time to have a “proper wash” which actually means rubbing yourself vigorously with as many baby wipes as you can hold your hand then spraying yourself to the point of suffocation with deodorant.  

All while being thrown around in the tiny toilette as the boat lurches from one side to the other. I emerged so sweaty the whole process seemed a bit pointless!

The crew are currently racing to be first to cross a scoring gate to earn us some extra points. We are currently looking like we will cross it in first-place. The atmosphere has become very serious.   

Diego and Jesus are now on Mother watch making us grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch with mac and cheese planned for dinner! The Antonio made us cheese and crackers with quince jelly during our night watch. Is it Christmas?!

Jesus and Diego in the galley today. Cheese, cheese and more cheese, please

[Von, you would have loved the mac and cheese! Soo cheesy!] 

Diego’s coffee is amazing! He has his own beans, grinder and Moka pot. Very dedicated.  

Amor perfecto send this man free coffee!

The wind and weather was pretty consistent which means there is not much to do.
So we had a lazy sunny and hot afternoon on deck today with a great sunset. We sang songs and star gazed through the night watches.

David H trimming Spinnaker
Ale checking trim / posing
Mary spotting for David H on the helm

There was not much wind so Ryan tweaked, checked and tuned every line and sail he could to try and keep us moving and in lead. 

We even moved all spare lines, bodies and kit to the low side of the boat in an attempt to catch more wind and keep creeping towards the scoring gate. This was not appreciated by the off watch who were attempting to sleep.

Ale and Sophia helming away from the Sunset

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