Crew diary – Race across the South Atlantic Ocean – day 7

29th October 2019 – Race day 7 – A storms a brewing

Another stunning day.

We are tracking the Storm via Radar and is it slowing but growing which just builds the tension, to be honest.

Red means there be dragons!

We managed to snatch 1 point by being the 3rd team over the scoring gate which is good but a bit an of an anti-climax too after being in the lead.
Scoring gate or imaginary lines of longitude or latitude in the middle of the Ocean and the first team to cross the line tracked by GPS gains 3 points.
Team Korean came first with Sanya in second.  

Happy hour was good with a coordination test of rubbing your belly and patting your head. After a week of not sleeping properly this test confused allot of us.

Attaching headsails
Mary spotting for David H on the Helm
Maria enjoying the Sun

The night shift was hard work!
A wave hit the boat knocking me from the rail tumbling into the cockpit.
I was tethered on and landed in a clumsy version of an army role to try and style it out.
It’ll hurt tomorrow. Just another bruise or 2 to add to the growing collection.   

The weather is picking up now and mistakes are beginning to happen.
For example, we had a badly loaded winch for the Spinnaker drop which could have easily caused damage and cost points, but we got away with it.
Then we crossed the halyards at the top of the mast for a Yankee hoist and nearly lost them but again got away with it.   

I had lots to do on the Bow today (front of the boat) so I’m very sweaty (after my nice wash the other day) and very tired which is why I am not writing much. I’m in a hurry to get some sleep.

The storm is now giving 50-knot gusts and producing 8-meter waves. Sounds like fun!

Cape Town ETA is now 7th November 😕 If I beat you, I’ll meet you at the airport 😊 XXX 

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