Crew diary – Race across the South Atlantic Ocean – day 8

30th October 2019 – Race day 8 – Kamikaze squid

Sadie made some great porridge for breakfast I need to learn how she does it.  

I am now using my waterproof, thermal, rubber gloves and my seal skin socks because the waves are crashing on to the deck and it’s cold.
Our First Mate Ryan doesn’t seem to care though, he rarely wears “foot prisons” 😊

We made good progress overnight and the race plotter shows us in the top 3.   

The sea is huge, and the wind is crazy.
We’ve had all 3 Reef’s in and now changed down to the Yankee 2.  
Basically, all the sails are now smaller.

I am on log duty and we are doing a consistent 13 Knots!
Which is nearly 15mph.   

We are also very close to Gough island (remember that story from DW).  

Just before we Gybed (changed direction) in the pitch-black stormy chaos; a squid landed straight on top of the winch I was about to use. 
It’s huge eye just looking up at me under the red light of my head torch.
I shouted “stop, hold! I’m not ready”!
Then just as I was putting my winch handle back in its holster to deal with the kamikaze squid an arm came over my left shoulder, grabbed it and threw it back into the ocean (thanks Ale).   

Our evolutions went much better tonight with no damage or dramas.  

The storm will be with us for at least another 24-hours.

Nige enjoying the weather

Jesus on the Stern
George with prune fingers

Sadie somehow managed to make some fortune cookies for our happy hour (great effort) but it was cut short due to the conditions.
My fortune was “warm showers await you in Cape Town” 😊 I hope so and a bath!  

I am now having to wear my cold weather gear comprising of a base layer + mountain jumper + fleece + smock + “bra” + hat + hood and 2 pairs of gloves (still cold) lol. 

We are now running ½ watches on deck because the weather is too dangerous and its too cold for us all to be out there at once, so we are working in 40min rotations to get a rest and a hot drink.  

A few of my watch are seasick/terrified so now some jobs like cleaning are getting missed or half done so the heads (toilets) now look like the end of a festival!
Clara is doing her best to do the job of 3 or 4 below deck, keeping things safe and us fed and watered. 

David helming whilst Ryan makes sure hi Minion is safe 🙂

Antonio continues to create magical food surprises.
At 9pm he made nachos! Yum.
Which was good because it was too crazy to make lunch, so I only had half a sand-which. 
Dinner was paella which must mean we have cycled back around to the start of the menu. Sadie and Anne created a fruit crumble with custard which was perfect when you needed something warm and comforting.  

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