On 12th May 2020, I was told I could be made redundant.

The next day I realised this did not suck, in fact, it could be an adventure and I love adventures!

So here I am sharing my skills, knowledge, and adventures. It was the kick up the arse I needed.

After the initial shock of the news, I took a long walk with a notebook and pen in my pocket to capture thoughts and ideas as they entered my head.

That evening I rang friends and family to share the news, get it off my chest and vent in an attempt to normalise my new situation.

One old work colleague in particular (Oli Chapman, thanks dude) helped me reframe the situation as an opportunity.

The next morning my head was full of ideas, I had so much energy.
So I decided to create this website to make my ideas real and create some room in my head.

I hope the stories, skills, and ideas I share inspire you to turn any situation into an adventure.

All the pictures used are my own.
Taken from different travels and adventures I have been on so far with lots more planned.

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