How Fintech Start-up “Plum” could enhance its customer experience

I challenged myself to improve Plum Fintech’s customer experience.

10 (ish) lessons learned from a failed corporate start-up 😒

Recently I had the amazing opportunity to work on a corporate start-up. It has been a great experience with a team that I’ll never forget and I am very thankful for the opportunity 🙏 My branded hoodie will accompany me as a reminder of what to do and not do if I ever get theContinue reading “10 (ish) lessons learned from a failed corporate start-up 😒”

Redundancy the first 24 hours. 3 steps to get back in control.

The “R” word pretty scary at first but that doesn’t last long. In my case less than 24hours of 😱🤬💩😭🤷. Here is what I did to reframe the news. TLDR; get the facts, do the maths, phone lots of “wise” people 🧙‍♂️, go for a loooong walk , make some notes, sleep on it, makeContinue reading “Redundancy the first 24 hours. 3 steps to get back in control.”

Starting a journey without knowing the destination.

The last time I started something with no experience or plan I ended up sailing across the South Atlantic in 3 huge storms with a group of fellow amateur sailors 😱. So that tells me this adventure is going to be fun, scary, life-changing and worthwhile 👍.