Business ideas and problem solving

I have over a decade of Digital experience in Retail and Energy industries. Along with two startups in the energy and tech sector. My specialities are Agile projects, Design Thinking, Digital Marketing, Go To Market and Business Growth.

Pitch me a new idea that you need help to bring to life or share a business problem you need help with. Oh and it’s free, for now anyway 😀

Idea creation and development 💡

We all have those moments in the shower, the middle of the night, out on a walk basically whenever it is inappropriate and you have no method of capturing it but you hold on to it. Next you tell someone about it and they like it but what next. I can definitely help you get over that “what next” and “so what” stage that can easily kill a good idea. Then help you get the idea to market or pitch ready for whoever you need to convince. Give it a try and submit your idea.

Problem solving 😖

It’s so frustrating when you run out of steam, can’t see the woods for the trees and get stuck trying to move your business or project forward. You may have just got to the end of your knowledge, hit a creative blocker or don’t even know how to begin. I have been there with you in that moment and learned some great techniques and frameworks to get you organised and back int he game. So submit your business problem lets see if we can find a solution.

After a successful pitch to E.ON UK Jim joined our team at Ampero.

Jim’s responsibility was to introduce Ampero to the UK and launch Ampero in London to test the market. We used his ideas to further develop the Ampero proposition in it’s home location of Cologne. His connection with the brand, energy and enthusiasm was fantastic.

Thank’s again Jim for been a part of the Ampero family and accelerating us to the next level.

Philip Haverkamp

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