My experience leading two
very different Start-ups

If you have a Start-up idea but do not know how to get started or if you have started but are getting stuck moving to the next stage and need some help please get in touch.

Below are some summaries of the 2 Start-ups I worked on as well as some pitch presentations and video ideas.

If you are in this world you will learn so much about resilience, endurance, business and how to squeeze all the energy out of yourself and the best out of your product. Good luck!

Between July 2019 and January 2020, I supported the launch of a corporate Start-up in the Energy sector.

I created the new brand “Socket” had it registered, created the hosting domain, secured and created the social media platforms as well as creating the launch and growth plans.

Using a sequence of 2-week sprints and “Design Thinking” I led the creation of clickable prototypes then tested them with real customers in their homes.

Socket was market-ready within 6-months.
Unfortunately, due to growing difficulties in the market and E.ON’s merger with Npower, E.ON could no longer support this venture. 

Find out more about Socket in this quick video:

Here is a pack showing the proposition development, customer targeting and brand creation process.

Between October 16 and March 17 with E.ON’s backing, I led the UK market launch of a new energy sharing brand called “Ampero” which launched in London to a new market.

Working with leading brands within the hospitality, travel and events industries I created a new citywide network of mobile phone charging stations.
Every day was like “The Apprentice” and “Dragons Den” rolled into one.

In launching and running the UK arm of this new startup I was responsible for every element of the business from PR, Sales, and Marketing to Invoicing, Logistics and Product Development.

I also got to use my digital skills to launch the UK domain “” and created product videos:

In 6 months Ampero in the UK was working with over 30 new brands including major hotel and pub chains.

Following early success, I extended the London based launch to Liverpool, Nottingham and began trading on Amazon.

Ampero has since accepted a buyout for £2m by “Vinkinx”.

A new Start-up “Charged-up” has now taken on the London network.

Here is a typical week in numbers for us at Ampero.
I would use this to report back to investors about our progress in the UK.

Here is an example pitch pack that I used help sell Ampero to potential customers.

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