Racing across the South Atlantic

From Punta del Este in Uruguay to Cape Town South Africa.

  • Racing 11 boats across the South Atlantic
  • 23 crew on board
  • 21 amateurs
  • 2 professionals
  • 14 bunks
  • 17 days
  • 2 toilets
  • 3 storms
  • No showers

Read, watch and hear about my journey from total newbie to ocean racer in a total of 6 weeks.

Joining a crew of 23 in a race around the world.

This is the 2019/20 Clipper Round The World Yacht Race.

Training week 4 off the coast of Guernsey

How it started

After stepping foot on to a sailboat for the first time ever in April 2019.
I completed 4 weeks of training with Clipper Ventures, earning my Competent Crew and Sea Survival qualifications.

I then joined the loud crew of the Punta Del Este team on a Clipper 70 Yacht to race 11 other teams. My part of the round the world replace was from Punta Del Este in Uruguay to Cape Town South Africa.

We directly crossed the South Atlantic through the eye of 3 storms back to back. It was relentless.

I was joined by 21 other crazy amateurs and led by 2 amazing professionals.

We finished in 2nd place after battling 40 – 75-knot winds and 8 – 12m waves for 17 days!

It was the most incredible test of endurance and amazing experience of my life…so far.

Much can be learned about teamwork, communication, social awareness, compassion, leadership, crisis and stress management to name a few.

I will apply all of this experience to my work, team and day to day life.

Thank you to Clipper Ventures my Skipper Jeronimo, my First Mate Ryan, incredible crew and my team of yellow supporters.

“My mother, when asked for her opinion of the voyage before I sailed, had replied that she considered it ‘totally irresponsible’ and on this Christmas Day I began to think she was right. I was sailing round the world simply because I bloody well wanted to – and, I realised, I was thoroughly enjoying myself.” 

Robin Knox-Johnston, A World of My Own: The First Ever Nonstop Solo Round the World Voyage




My interview by the founder of The Enterprise Podcast Ashley Karamucki.
Hear about how I came to take on this adventure, what the training was like, the race itself and what I took away with me.

Quick highlights in pictures

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