Crew diary – Race across the South Atlantic Ocean – day 15

5th November 2019 – Race day 15 – Cooking for 23 with Moby

Today I was back in the galley.
This time with Esteban (Moby’s No.1 lookalike).
We started at 05:30 and closed the galley at about 20:30.  

Moby aka Esteban my brother working on another mother watch

To start the day, we wanted to treat the Crew, so we made all 23 of them pancakes.
This was very popular and a much-needed pick me up.
We served them crepe style in napkins (to save on washing up).
After a lot of preaching from me I finally won Esteban around to drinking and making proper “northern” tea.  

After breakfast we attempted to make a wholemeal loaf using Mary’s trick of using the engine room to prove the dough.
It was a complete failure and did not rise. 
So, we tried again with a 50/50 mix and created something that looked like actual bread!  

The action of the waves did not make it easy to prepare and cook.
However, today I am quite happy to be below decks.
Especially when I watch the wet bodies and tired faces of the crew coming down to get warm and have a hot drink after they have weathered another storm for 1-2 hours.  

Lunch was another hot meal of “I can’t remember” followed by a vegetable risotto for dinner served to an audience of happy customers.  
We are beginning to run low on ingredients, so we are having to get creative with our menu.

It was great cooking with Esteban a Latino, New Yorker who looks exactly like Moby and apparently lives on the same block!
If Neuroscience doesn’t work out for him maybe he can be a lookalike 😊.
We get along really well it’s a shame we were not on the same watch. 

Sophia continues to get brighter and now spends her days in the saloon keeping people company.
She can now climb in and out of her original bunk which is much better than the hospital bunk directly opposite the toilet.  

DW is back at the helm which is great for our watch to share this exhausting task.
He does not look even 80% yet though but good to see him mucking in.  

Now Sadie is starting a cold and 2 others have the shits! 
So, we are paying extra attention to hand washing and toilet cleaning.
2 out of 23 surely can’t be my cooking 😊.  

Our “happy hour” did not happen again today due to the conditions on deck.
This is the only time the 2 watches get to spend time together. As a result you can really feel and “us and them” divide appearing between the watches. 
I think tomorrow we are going to make it happen no matter what to bring the whole crew back together as a team.  

I felt very dizzy at 2 different points today.
Not sure if its seasickness, tiredness, illness, exhaustion, dehydration or all of the above!  

I finally got to go to my bunk for about 10 hours then time to do it all again with Graham tomorrow for another 15 hours!

During “Mother watch” you sleep in a different bunk, so you are not disturbed by watch changes in the night.
The “coffin” bunk (so called because it is like climbing into a coffin with a letter box opening to get in and out) is a nice change and has more room but does drip condensation from the ceiling and has nowhere for you to hang clothes so everything stays wet but gets warm (not sure if this is any consolation). 

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