Accountability Coach

I’ve had an idea that I want to share and test with you.
If the idea seems to be a good one I might create a prototype for you to trial.
For now I just need your feedback on the concept.
You can also manually test it out for yourself using mobile reminders and your banking app to move money from your current account in to a savings pot or investment fund.

Find out more below and use the comments on this page to give your own feedback.

Lets start with why 

Personally I struggle to stick to goals.
I either make them too big, forget or loose interest.

I am looking for an easy way to create a goal then turn it in to a daily habit which then in turn gives me a micro reward each day to keep me on track and remind myself that I am moving closer to my goals.

The bigger picture

Average savings in the UK are less than £3.5k per household.
Reports show that the average UK household is 3 pay days away from being homeless!
We need to get serious about our rainy day funds, investments and retirement plans.

Accountability Coach can help you save more whilst creating the positive daily habits that help you achieve more.

When did you last achieve a goal?

Setting a goal is easy and fun. 

Achieving a goal often takes time and does not turn out to be as fun as you thought it would be. 

However, once achieved, that feeling of satisfaction is incredible!

Am I right?

I want to help you achieve more goals:

  1. Set a goal
    Think of something that you have always wanted to do or stop doing.
  2. Create a habit
    Find a task you can complete daily as a step towards completing that goal.
  3. Gain a reward
    Get a daily prompt to add money to a savings pot if you completed your daily task. 

3 steps to get started

1. Set a daily task that you can answer with a Yes or a No.

2. Put a daily reminder in your phone at the end of your day to ask you if you achieved it.

3. Set a “£” value
to each achievement and move it into your savings, daily.

Daily steps to achieve big goals become habits. Reward the habit daily for your future self to say thanks 


Be fitter, healthier and learn more.

Eat better, drink less, move more and learn.

Daily habits

  • Eat Vegan / Vegetarian = £2 or £1 
  • Have an alcohol free day = £1 
  • Do some exercise = £1 
  • Do something to better myself = £1 

Before we continue…

It’s important to say that just because you set a
goal and daily tasks does not mean you must achieve them everyday. 

This is designed to nudge you in the right direction.

It’s not a drill instructor telling you that you must do it. 

Take the pressure off.

A quick note on rewards:

The reward is best spent on something that also contributes to your goal, wellbeing or the goals and wellbeing of others. 

Some ideas include:

  • Buy someone an unexpected gift 
  • Book some training for a new skill 
  • Get some time with a coach 
  • Treat a loved ones to a meal
  • Give it to a cause or charity you believe in

What to do next to try it out?

For the next week: 

  1. Set a goal
  2. Create daily task(s)
  3. Add a “£” value to your daily task(s)
  4. Set a daily reminder 
  5. Move money to your savings every day   
  6. Share your results with me in the comments

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